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About Our Studio

Daylight or flashlight? Here are more pictures of the studio, and info on what is included when you rent it.

Booking & Prices 

We rent out the studio per hour, half day and full day. Here you will find rental prices, conditions and rules of conduct.

Additional costs

Background new (soiled / torn): 150kr

Assistance with lighting / equipment: 500 kr hour (must be booked in advance)

Booking & Prices 

Weekdays: 10-19 :  375 kr per hour

Half day (4 hours) : 1300 kr 

Full day 10 – 19 : 2600 kr

Weekend 10 – 19 : 500 kr per hour (Sat / Sun and red days)


Get In Touch

Still have a question? Feel free to contact us via form 

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